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Fun Crawling Toy

Fun Crawling Toy

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Baby Tummy Time Toys

 Tummy time is an essential part of a baby's development, and the crab moving around can provide great stimulation for infants.  The bright colors and movements of the crab can capture any baby's attention and help make tummy time more enjoyable.

Helps Baby Crawl

 Your little one will be captivated and entertained by the way the crab skitters and scurries around on its tracks. They'll soon learn that even though they haven't quite figured out how to catch it yet, it's still a fun game of chase.


 Grabs Attention Easily

 It has colorful flashing lights, motorized wheels for smooth movements, and safe built-in infrared sensors which automatically sense objects in the environment and help the robot to avoid obstacles.


 A Huge Hit 

 Kids and pets alike will be enthralled with this charming crab, as it provides an exciting learning experience. Parents can enjoy watching their little ones explore the world around them, while older kids will find the toy's features stimulating and engaging. 



 The USB-rechargeable battery ensures that the crawling toy can be used for up to two days of interactive play without having to change out batteries.

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