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Mess-Free Pet Water Dish

Mess-Free Pet Water Dish

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No more messy floors

The floating tray is designed to adjust to the level of water, keeping it balanced and preventing splashes and spills. With this product, you can keep your floors clean and free from spills.


Splash-proof Water Bowl

The floating disk is designed to be adjustable, in order to prevent overflowing. Both components work together to keep your floor dry and tidy.



Slow Water Feeder

The floating disk design helps regulate the drinking speed of your pet.  This helps prevent your pet from choking on water by drinking too quickly. The adjustable floating disk also encourages your pet to drink more slowly and carefully, allowing them to better hydrate.


 Keep Water Clean

The 2-piece design ensures that the dust, dirt, and pet hair are separated from the water, ensuring that your pet's water is always clean. With this convenient design, you won't have to worry about constantly changing out your pet's water for a fresh supply.



Detachable Design

The design of the pet water station makes it easy to keep your pet's drinking water clean and safe. The removable floating tray can be taken out and washed with soap and water.  Your furry friend can enjoy clean, fresh drinking water at all times.


To ensure your dog has enough water throughout the day, it's important to fill up the pet water bowl each morning. Once you've filled up the water bowl, your pup can enjoy a full day of drinking!

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