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Hands Free Magic Mop

Hands Free Magic Mop

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 Make your chores easier and the world cleaner. The mop is of high quality, very sturdy, not easily damaged and easy to install.



 The mop head has three layers: a durable plastic base, an aluminum alloy plate, and a stainless steel plate. The handles are also made of sturdy stainless steel for added durability. This mop is designed to provide a deep clean while being easy to maneuver and store.



After moving the scraper up and down to dehydrate the mop, and scraping off all of the debris, your mop should be clean and ready for use.



 The 360-degree swivel head swivels and turns to clean hard-to-reach surfaces as easily as open floors, allowing you to quickly move across the house.  Mops can easily reach under furniture, behind toilets and in nooks and crannies.



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