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Washable Pet Sofa Cover

Washable Pet Sofa Cover

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 This pet accessory will provide the perfect mix of fashion and function for any home.  You'll be able to protect your furniture, floors, and couches from scratches or stains while also providing a product that looks great in any room.


 Its thick fabric provides a soft and warm feeling while preventing scratches and stains from damaging the furniture. The unique plaid pattern and creamy coloring make it easy to match with any home decor.



On the bottom, it has a non-skid silicone backing that helps it stay in place even when your pet is running around.

All you need to do is simply toss the rug in your washing machine and set the cycle to deep clean.

Chic, Comfortable, Scratch-Resistant

The thickened and scratch-resistant material ensures that it will be safe and durable. With this couch cover, your sofa can stay protected from furry children while still looking stylish and inviting!

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How do I choose the right size sofa cover for my furniture?

Measure your sofa's width, depth, and height. Choose a cover that matches these dimensions or slightly exceeds them for a better fit.

Are pet sofa covers machine washable?

Yes, most pet sofa covers are machine washable. Check the product label for specific care instructions.

Will the sofa cover stay in place or slide around?

Many sofa covers come with non-slip backing or adjustable straps to keep them securely in place.

Can I use a pet sofa cover on leather furniture?

Yes, you can use a sofa cover on leather furniture to protect it from scratches and pet hair.

Will a sofa cover affect the comfort of my couch?

Most sofa covers are designed to be comfortable for both pets and humans, providing a soft and cozy surface to sit or lie on.

Can I use a pet sofa cover on reclining or sectional sofas?

Sofa covers are designed to be versatile and can be used on different types of sofas, including reclining and sectional sofas.

How often should I wash my pet sofa cover?

Washing frequency depends on usage and pet activity.